Our boat service runs 7 days a week from 8 am to 8pm, from April 1st, to September 30th annually.

View beautiful Kelowna and the surrounding countryside from our luxurious and comfortable bowrider-style boat, the "Gael Force". You may even spot wildlife and a variety of bird species which inhabit this scenic area, or just ogle the majestic homes dotting the shoreline. Who knows - you might even catch a rare glimpse of Lake Okanagan's famous "resident Lake Monster " Ogopogo.

We also aim to give you a 100% enjoyable experience, so you are welcome to bring your favorite beverage and appies if you wish, then sit back and enjoy!

Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises is happy to offer you on-demand private boat tours to suit your schedule.

  • Length of tour: anything over the one hour minimum is accommodated whenever possible and the extra charge is calculated in 5-minute increments.
  • We can accommodate groups of up to 9 passengers, all for the same inclusive group rate.
  • Our tours are completely private: they are for you and your group only, no additional passengers added on just to make up numbers.
  • Destinations can be pretty much anywhere on Lake Okanagan, and the rate will then be calculated in accordance with the distance and overall timeframe of your tour ( view more).

Boat Tour / Wine Tour Combination Packages

Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises has paired up with an established area Sightseeing and Wine Tour provider to combine our boat tours together with their sightseeing and winery tours. We can arrange to have you picked up or dropped off at any public dock (or private dock with permission), depending on which outing you take first.

Boat Tour / Fintry Manor House Packages

We can also arrange a combination boat tour and visit to Fintry Provincial Park, where tours of the historic Manor House are available throughout the summer. Fintry also offers a superb walking tour of its picturesque waterfall, and offers a public beach for great picnics or just a relaxing time. We are happy to organize drop-off and pick-up times in advance to accommodate your visit.

Go for a Swim

Want to add to the whole Lake Okanagan exprience? We can stop the boat and let you off - literally! Take advantage of your tour to go for a cooling dip in Lake Okanagan!

Real Estate Tours

Are you a realtor, or a prospective purchaser, or both, wanting to look at properties from a lakeside prospective? Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises is happy to take you around to various properties for a different view than what you would get by driving in to the area. Our normal hourly rate will apply.

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Add to your outing by combining a luxurious limo experience with Accent Limousine.