Leisure Cruising

Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises offers private boat touring opportunities as well as private on-demand water taxi service on Lake Okanagan.

Departures are from the Cook Road public boat launch, next to the Eldorado Hotel on Lakeshore Road. There is ample parking at this location. For special pick-up requests, please feel free to call Captain Peter Brady (250-864-9448) to discuss your requirements!

At Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises, whether you are a visitor to the Kelowna area or a resident, we are here to make your trip on our tour boat the most enjoyable possible! Our tours are completely private and our rates are very reasonable too.... $325 an hour all inclusive is for the whole boat load - whether you are just one person, or you have a group of up to 9 people! This private excursion can cost as little as about $36 a person when you split the overall cost between 9 people for an hour's boat ride, so you can't get better than that!

Our boat is a luxurious bowrider named the "Gael Force" in honour of Captain Peter Brady's Irish roots. This style of boat has an open front area where our guests can sit in comfort and enjoy the view.

Captain Peter Brady and the Gael Force's boat tours offers great flexibility - all rides and cruises can be adjusted according to your timeframe and comfort level. Our tour boat carries all the necessary up-to-date equipment to ensure your safety. In addition, we are equipped with a flushing commode and wash basin, all for your comfort, no matter how long you want to spend out on the water!

Point to Point Water Taxi Service.

Kelowna and surrounding areas do not have a regular water taxi service available in cities like Vancouver, so Kelowna Water Taxi & Cruises decided to establish its own flexible service. There are no specific stops and no specific time schedules. You choose your time and your destination, and choose whether you want us to pick you up again at the same place later! There is much to see and do at easily accessed lakeside points: beaches, hiking, dining.....

Check out our Boat Tour Rates and our Water Taxi Rates and book with us today!

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